What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

How are the Nightmares?

Today’s business owners are busy people.  Most small and medium sized businesses try to make do with certain aspects of business simply because of budgetary restrictions. The typical strategy is to position you, the owner, on the front line to pick up the slack.  Which hat are you wearing today: Customer Service, Marketing, Operations, Sales, Accounting, HR? Being in business means juggling many tasks and responsibilities simultaneously, especially when you’re a small business owner.  The reality is that it is only a matter of time before a HR issue comes up you might not be equipped to handle alone.

Turnover can cost a company anywhere from 50% up to 200% of an employee’s salary.
Also, consider the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are unique to the company’s success that travel with them.

You went into business because you had a solution to a demand in the marketplace.  You are filling a need, and vowed to do whatever it took to develop a successful business.  Now it may seem like all you are doing is going from one trouble spot to another, filling the gaps in whatever department needs you at the moment.  It takes more than a vow to succeed.  It takes an iron will, super-human endurance and most of all, knowing your core competencies.  Knowing what you’re not fully equipped to deal with professionally is the unspoken portion of that same vow.  That’s where business owners fail.  They put everything at risk just because they think “they can handle it all.”  They put their livelihood at risk, their family’s security, their employee’s and their family’s security too.  Unnecessary elevated risk.

Business owners seldom have the budget to staff every department, therefore, you put out fires as they erupt: a staffer short in customer service, the front desk person is late.  The occasional bomb goes off like receiving a notice of an upcoming Wage & Hour Audit.   We’ve all faced the absentee-prone employee, the disgruntled customer who complains about the behavior of one of your staff, and maybe even litigation over an “unjust” termination.  Did you get certified in handling a sexual harassment complaint or the possibility of a lawsuit? Those don’t happen often, but when they do, it’s Katie bar the door!

Losing an employee may not only negatively impact sales and revenue performance; it often increases the work load of the remaining staff, a real morale downer.

More than likely it’s something already stated, or it might be that accounting is backed up, the computers are down, Jane is angry at Joe, someone is quitting with no notice; you know the drill.  Changing hats is part of the challenge of doing business, isn’t it? Staying awake at night isn’t, but that’s what happens when the buck stops at your desk.  Carrying a realistic perspective on what it really takes can stop the nightmares, sweaty shakes, and some of the worries about the most difficult of issues.  Admitting you need a professional HR specialist is needed, but often ignored until it’s too late.

Thinking you can handle anything that can come up is stinkin’ thinkin’.  There isn’t a person alive who is an expert at everything, especially interpersonal relations with employees, HR law, resource planning and the myriad of other “areas of concern.”  Are you ready to enter litigation based on your own skill level?

These types of concerns are not merely yours, you are not alone.  Most businesses experience some sort of these and other issues on a regular basis.  In these days of complex benefits legislation, hyper-aggressive  litigation and increasing government intervention, it’s no wonder why you wake from a sound sleep in fear.  All this is enough to send you over the falls in a barrel.

Fire-fighting, gap filling and who knows what next is not how it is supposed to be.  Atypical days quickly become the norm, placing enormous strain on everyone, which can lead to problems of their own.  Human Resources is one of those areas that calls for a professional approach, not temporary solutions and promises for a better tomorrow.  Employment legislation and compliance are not to be taken lightly, as they affect every part of the business.  It’s a demand that requires specific expertise you may not possess.

This is where Cornerstone HR Solutions can help.  We can stop the bleeding… and cease the nightmares. What has been mentioned is only a portion of the pain felt by today’s business owners, but it should be enough to get you to think about risk avoidance and becoming proactive in an area that is perhaps the most critical aspect of every business; Human Resources.