10. Your employees know what is expected of them and have signed off on those expectations.

9. Your work environment is very healthy, each and every day.

8. You have no fear of employee or employer-related lawsuits and what that might cost you.

7 Your employees have set goals every year and you talk to them about them often.

6. Every employee in your organization has a training plan in place to grow and develop in his/her role.

5. You know how to coach an employee who is having trouble performing.

4. You know how to manage a situation where an employee is misbehaving, e.g. using profanity, not following hygiene rules, acting up with clients.

3. You are aware of all the NJ and federal laws as they relate to human resources in your workplace.

2. You enjoy sitting down with your employees to talk about human resource related issues.

And the number one reason you DON’T need HR for your small business….

1. You already have an HR person… it’s YOU!

Do you run or work for a small business?

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