Too many small business owners are quick to hire and slow to fire. The process of seeking a new hire is wrought with anxiety, complexity and the owner wants the pain of people management to go away. On the reverse side, the wrong hire is also painful because it “gets personal” and emotionally messy, doesn’t it? Plus the added agony you have to go out and find a new employee again. And let’s not forget the damage to clients, company culture, and profitability the wrong hire usually represents.
Most small to mid-sized businesses get started with an idea, and that idea grows into a successful business through perseverance, savvy marketing and products and services that stand out in their field.  In fact, small business owners rightly spend a disproportionate amount of their dollars on marketing in the first year of business, as they move toward achieving their revenue goals.  Once their business begins to gain momentum, they realize the need to invest in human capital… their employees!  Often, business owners look to friends and family to help them fill open roles, which results in familiar employees… perhaps a niece or nephew to help with the books, or a friend’s significant other to run the office.  In theory, this is a quick and easy way to get employees on board. And because they are coming from referrals, there is a perceived safety in this process.

However, in most instances, it won’t guarantee long term success.

Perhaps you are a business owner who has built your business quickly, including the human capital of running your business… and now you feel like you are stuck with employees that are not the right fit.  Do you ever feel like some of your employees are sucking the life out of your work environment? Have you experienced how the wrong people can quickly impact your profitability? What’s the solution? Are you equipped to determine the right way to improve their behavior or productivity, or are you prepared to show them the door, and all that emotional pain?

“I’m Just Too Busy”

How can you be expected to handle the task of addressing a poor performing employee when you are busy running your business?  How do you have those difficult conversations with those employees that either are your family or friends, or are related to your family or friends?  It’s not easy… and when it’s not handled quickly and correctly, you could be facing months of languishing performance and perhaps more daunting… if it’s not handled correctly, you could be facing an angry ex-employee who now is represented by a lawyer.

That is why many SMB’s are outsourcing their HR services to seasoned professionals, like Cornerstone HR Solutions. The right HR firm can provide tools to address your hiring, evaluation, and… if necessary, firing needs.  At the front end, they can ensure that your interviewing process gets you that hire who fits your needs exactly. Then, they can make sure that when that perfect employee starts, they are onboarded properly, and given with the tools that define how you expect your work environment to operate. Finally, since nothing is perfect… if it doesn’t work out, your new “HR Department” will be there to help you find the right strategy to handle poor performance quickly and appropriately.

Best of all the right outsourced HR firm will provide you with the advantages of a larger company’s in-house HR team but at a dramatically reduced investment level.

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