Do I need an attorney?

As a small business owner, do I need an attorney? There are many situations where your "gut" may serve your decision making process adequately, but far too often budget and/or ego minimize the sensitivity to understanding the legal component of human resources. Here is broad information to help enlighten your understanding and perspective. Some background [...]

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What is Your Process for Employee Attendance?

If you run a business, you know that every day brings its own set of challenges, more so if you lack a process for employee attendance. The majority of these challenges is typically related to the product you sell or service you offer. However, there are also bound to be people challenges… and one challenge [...]

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What to Include in an Employee Handbook- the Basics

Do you know what to include in an employee handbook? Is your employee handbook a complete and comprehensive tool, something fully integrated part of your company's new hire onboarding process? It really should be... Misunderstandings are a part of human nature, particularly in an employment setting. A manager may think he or she communicated something [...]

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Sound advice for small business development.

If you are seeking sound advice for small business development, then this article is for you. Consider this question: "Can you single-handedly manage all of your HR administration, maintenance and compliance basics so that your business stays afloat?" Anyone who operates a small business knows that it is a very competitive world out there; most [...]

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Help! My best hires keep leaving!

Do your best hires keep leaving? It’s a phenomenon that afflicts every business, small or large, at one time or another. It negatively impacts office morale, undercuts productivity, and distracts you from other matters that requires your time and focus. You already know how tough it is to recruit a great employee. You recruit through [...]

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Is Your Company Quick to Hire and Slow to Fire?

Too many small business owners are quick to hire and slow to fire. The process of seeking a new hire is wrought with anxiety, complexity and the owner wants the pain of people management to go away. On the reverse side, the wrong hire is also painful because it “gets personal” and emotionally messy, doesn’t [...]

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