HR Solutions aren’t a luxury- they are a necessity, a crucial component for a successful and profitable enterprise.

Cornerstone HR, a Most Trusted & Complete Small Business Partner

HR Consultants (like all business consultants) and business owners universally agree on the top three challenges in operating and growing a small business:

  1. Top line revenue growth
  2. Cash flow
  3. Talent and Employee Management

Revenue is often the direct responsibility of the business owner, and “making sales” is both an intuitive function and a driver of cash flow. But what does the typical business owner know about assessing talent and managing people? How can they properly identify the right balance of skills and attitude, people that will mesh well in the culture of their company?

How do they avoid a train wreck, when a bad seed decides to steal or destroy? Or human resource processes that might lead to financial penalties or lawsuits? How would your business benefit from the right HR solutions? Do any of these sound familiar…

Cornerstone HR Solutions Guides Decision-makers Through Management Minefields

Cornerstone HR Solutions can help any small business owner build a solid foundation for their company, through professional and ethical human resources consulting. Our process and experience will help business owners correct problems that might impede productivity, improve employee retention, and bolster productivity. Along the way, we will help to make better hires.

Our clients get Fortune 500-like HR expertise that is rooted in real-world experience.

Plus it’s more affordable than you might have imagined.

Sue Vanderoef, Founder & President.

Endless Team Building Possibilities:

Sue Vanderoef started Cornerstone HR Solutions to help employers in small to medium sized businesses resolve human resources issues. Her expertise comes from a 20-year career in corporate human resources. She ran a national compliance project for Prudential, directed regional compensation and performance planning for Fireman’s Fund, and managed employee relations for a 65-office sales subsidiary at MetLife.

Her specialties include:

Onboarding – bringing the right people into your organization and making sure they understand the ground rules.

Tools to Manage Performance – “Everyone has a different 100%,” says Sue. Develop the tools you need to manage performance in any role.

Employee Handbooks – All it takes is one improperly informed employee to create liability. Learn how to marshal your expectations in advance.

Training – Employees have to be trained to respect their work environment, to know why policies and practices are in place. Don’t wait until there’s a problem to provide that clarity.

One-on-One Coaching – Business owners must acquire an HR expertise specifically related to their business. Sue offers one-on-one custom coaching.

Outsourcing “People Management” is hardly a new idea. The right provider will provide the most current knowledge, more experience, and better trained personnel because they focus on their specialty. In the end, Cornerstone HR Solutions can offer a better service experience than is possible with an in-house function, and in most cases at a much lower investment.

What a Few of our Clients Have to Say

“Staying in compliance with the many NJ labor laws is challenging, especially for a small business like mine. Sue has been instrumental in helping us avoid penalties and establish processes we can maintain for years to come.”
Head of Operations, Distributor of construction materials
“My company lacked a real onboarding process. With Sue’s guidance, every new hire now receives a professional employee manual and gets a better understanding of what is expected. There is less confusion, and she has really helped us make better hires.”
Business Owner, Landscaping Company
“Keeping our employees motivated and engaged has been a problem. We hired Sue to provide some training sessions that not only inspired the team but inspired me as well. I am confident our employee productivity and retention will improve as a result of Sue’s instruction.”
Business Owner
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Industry Agnostic

Cornerstone HR Solutions works in many different industries and with companies of all sizes.

Check out some of the typical HR issues Cornerstone HR Solutions Regularly Manages SMB’s with:

Firing a star player. A managing partner with great sales results was increasingly charged with harassing female staff. Sue was called in to investigate and discovered, among other things, that his weekly meetings with sales mangers — four males and one female — were being held in strip bars. Leadership had never specified appropriate behavioral expectations so the guy did things his way. Some owners were reluctant to get on board because their partner was meeting his goals, but it went to arbitration and the company won. Sue was a key witness.

Body odor. Dress code. We’re reluctant to offend anyone by telling them they have body odor, that their signature cologne is off-putting, or their style of dress is unprofessional. These dilemmas happen frequently and they lead to trouble. The question, asks Sue, is: “Do you have a hygiene policy? A dress code? That’s what you hang your hat on in a dispute. I help companies develop policies that provide the needed protection.”

Loose hiring procedures. Many companies have no standardized job application form. They lack offer letters that specify payment terms or job duties. They’re surprised by negative employee behavior because they didn’t ask the right interview questions. Sue helps leaders build a bedrock of hiring policy.

No drug and alcohol policy. Don’t want to pay for drug testing? Think again and you’ll keep more of your profits.

Poor attendance. Does your company operate with remote employees? Client feedback and performance results are two measures of working activity. Many more can be implemented. By establishing up-front expectations for employee performance, you’ll identify employees who’ll gladly accept your rules.

Some issues Cornerstone HR Solutions has managed
Some issues Cornerstone HR Solutions has managed
Some issues Cornerstone HR Solutions has managed

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